Dear colleagues, we are pleased to invite you to the International Scientific Conference Biosphere and person

Dear Colleagues, The Adyghe State University invites all interested scholars to contribute to the International Scientific Conference BIOSPHERE AND PERSON






Conference Venue:

Adyghe State University, Maikop, Russian Federation


October 24-25, 2019.


Chairman of the Organizing Committee:

R.D. Khunagov, Doctor of Sociology, Professor, Rector of the Adyghe State University



Co-Chairman of the Organizing Committee:

M.N. Silantyev, Candidate of Biology, Associate Professor, Vice Rector for scientific work


Members of the Organizing Committee:


K.D. Chermit, Doctor of Biology, Professor, Director of Scientific-Education Center of the Russian Academy of Education in the Russian Federation;

Ya.A. Khananashvili, Doctor of Medicine, Professor, Chairman of the Southern Russian Department of I.P. Pavlov Russian Physiological Society;

Hubert E. Blum, Professor, Doctor of Medicine, Freiburg, Germany;

V.I. Lyah, Doctor of Education, Professor, Head of Department of Sport and Anthropometrics of B. Cech Academy of Physical Training, Krakow, Poland;

A.V. Shakhanova, Doctor of Biology, Professor, Head of Physiology Department;

Yu.A. Sapiev, Director of the Maikop VIR Experimental Station;

A.A.Kuzmin, Candidate of Biology, Associate Professor, Dean of Faculty of Natural Sciences;

A.D. Tsikunib, Doctor of Biology, Professor, Head of Chemistry Department, Director of Research Institute of Complex Problems of ASU;

I.V.Chernyavskaya, Candidate of Biology, Associate Professor, Head of Botany Department;

F.D. Teuchezh, Candidate of Geography, Associate Professor, Head of Geography Department;

T.V. Chelyshkova, Candidate of Biology, Associate Professor of Physiology Department, Head of Laboratory ‘Child Development Physiology’;

M.I. Shapovalov, Candidate of Biology, Associate Professor of Physiology Department;

M.A.Saprykin, Candidate of Biology, Associate Professor of Physiology Department;

Grechishkina S.S, Candidate of Biology, Associate Professor of Physiology Department.





1. Biodiversity studies and conservation.

2. Problems of an introduction and invasion.

3. Geoecology and rational environmental management.

4. Ecology and health: biomedical, physiological, psychological and pedagogical aspects.

5. Problems of contemporary ecological education.

6. Ecological tourism: problems and prospects.

7. Social and humanitarian environmental problems.

8. System: nature-biosphere-person.

9. Earth’s sciences: current state.

10. Chemistry and ecology.

11. Ecological-hygienic problems and biotechnological approaches in safety of foodstuff.


Sections will be created based on the submitted materials.

To participate in work of the Conference, please preliminarily register for participation in the Conference before February 21, 2019, by e-mail ( and inform the following data:

1. Surname, name, middle name (in full);

2. Affiliation;

3. Position;

2. Academic degree and rank;

4. Contact phone number, e-mail;

5. Preliminary data on the paper: authors, name and form of the report (oral or poster, correspondence participation, conference topic, need for technical means):

6. Participation form (internal, correspondence). Need of reservation of living accommodation.



Page count of paper is no more than 3. The paper has to be submitted in electronic form, in Microsoft Word, with 1.5 line space, Times New Roman 12 fonts, all margins are 2 cm, numbering of pages is below in the center of the page.

Basic elements of paper:

Universal Decimal Classification
Library-Bibliographical Classification 

author's sign;

• paper title;

For each author:

• surname, name, middle name (in full) in Russian and English;

• academic degree, rank (in Russian and English);

• affiliation and position of each author, the city, the country (in Russian and English);

• contact information (the postal address of the organization, e-mail) for each author;

• abstract (up to 280 words) (in Russian and English);

• keywords (up to 10 words) (in Russian and English).

We draw the authors’ attention to need to provide high professional translation quality into English.

 Form of representation of materials at the conference is oral or a poster.

The works issued without observance of the listed rules will not be published.

Working languages of the conference are Russian and English.

Materials are submitted in electronic form to the address of the Secretariat of the Organizing Committee before October 1, 2019.

Registration fee: 500 rubles – for oral and poster paper participants, 300 rubles – for the correspondence participants. The registration fee includes payment for the collection of materials of the conference, mailing of materials and partially excursion program.

Registration fee should be sent to the address:

385000, Republic of Adyghea, Maikop, Pervomayskaya St., 208, Adyghe State University, Physiology Department, to Vasilyeva Victoria Vladimirovna.


Contact persons:

Grechishkina Svetlana Stanislavovna, secretary of the Organizing Committee, Candidate of Biology, Associate Professor of Physiology Department of Faculty of Natural Sciences of ASU.

Ph.: 8-961-586-35-60


Shapovalov Maxim Igorevich, Candidate of Biology, Associate Professor of Physiology Department of Faculty of Natural Sciences of ASU.


Organizing Committee of the Conference